About Me

It’s not where you put the light, it’s where you put the shadow, that matters – unknown.


Ritesh P Keskar

I’ve always been a nerd at heart. A curious one. What is Matter? How is Atom-the smallest partical, capable of such massive reactions? These Electrons and Protons they speak of, do much more than just teach us that ‘opposites attract’ – Who knew! Then there is ‘Photon’ – a particle that carries Electromagnetic Radiation (Light). Now that’s facinating!

Of course I wasn’t going to learn everything in one grade, so the more I learned the more it fueled my curiousity and eventually led me to get a degree in Electronics.

While all this was going on, I was learning to understand people also and realized that same Physics applied in real life. Different people, various levels of energy, different compositions. Once again curiosity led me to dig deeper. Apparently everything we see and the way we see things depends on how the light bounces off the subject. Hmm, interesting!

Well, maybe I should capture these ‘things’…these ‘subjects’ in a physical format instead of asking my brain to process those memories for me everytime I need them. Oh wait, that’s why they designed a Camera. I had to look this up – the first camera was designed in 6th century…wow, I was really late in the game to understand this ‘Camera’ device.

I’ve always felt comfortable around gadgets. If I don’t get it…I wanna know about it. ‘Writing with Light’ or also called ‘Photography’ still facinates me and I’m learning as I go. But the aspect of Art mixed with Science makes it even more fun and appealing.

So, thanks for stopping by and reading my life’s manual. If you like what I create, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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